I started this blog around 2014 – there is probably a time-stamp on my first post…

Just wanted an online place where I could collect the endless things that seem to collect and I want to find them.

Slowly uploading the Tanach, formatted in a way that makes it easy for me to understand…

I started trying to crack the computer puzzle in a serious manner in around ’96 I guess when I realized that the world was rolling unstop-ably in that direction and it seemed like it was the only way to pay the growing bills of having a family.

It seems that I am on the direction of rambling on about how I got to the computer when I should probably write something about myself.

Love my wife and kids; Talia, Shimmy, Boaz, Emma and Ziv.

My wife tells me that I am egocentric, and she is always right.

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree.

I have finished an Ironman triathlon.

I love to play guitar and clarinet, and can “play by ear” on the clarinet, but still have not attacked either of these venues with guided discipline.

Actually guided discipline is an area that needs work by me. I have an immense amount of self-discipline, but this is necessarily different. Hmm.

A timeline of life events: hopefully will fill out over time…

1968 life begins 🙂

1970 earliest memory – the second day of swimming lessons

1971 my brother came home from being born.. think we moved that year

1973 Mom sent me with a peanut butter and banana sandwich to kindergarten – no she didn’t, I started eating someone else’s lunch… also learned to tie my moon boots that year…

1974 first day of first grade was kinda scary

1975 farted in class by accident – we called them herkees and firtzles – teacher got mad at me for not calling it a fart…

1978 teacher decided that Amityville horror was a good book for children… the ghosts in my closet thought otherwise…

1979 moved out of the city

1981 bar mitzva –  way out of place, but apparently life changing

1983 high school, girlfriends, Steppenwolf, weights and exercise

1985? dropped out for a year, worked

1986? horses burned, mom’s mom died started hike in the Appalachians – month and a half, 400 miles in the woods, about a month later made it to Dave and Pat with little left

back to high school and working

1987 started engineering in Ottawa

1992 degree – trip to Europe, started in Israel – 3 months and then work in London, Ontario

1993 back to Israel – year in the old city

1995 first marriage

1996 Shimmy, Efrat – Ulpan

1998 Boaz, Beit Meir – Jerusalem – work water/sewage/fire protection – airport project

1999 Emma, Ironman Switzerland, independant consultant for Cad

2000 China

2001 house

2003 Ziv

2004 end of airport project, first marriage, Uman with Boaz

2005 clarinet, second marriage

2006 guitar, second divorce, Intel

2007 Talia, Tel Aviv / Kiriat Gat /  Beit Meir

2008 married Talia, Cast lead

2009? Even Yehuda, greenhouses

2012 Ramat Hasharon

2013 house fire

2014 Anafim





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