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Aaron Berman, Caught on film…

    Check this out. Aaron Berman was caught by a paparazzi last night getting into or some say out of, his vehicle. Or not. This picture does not have 3 000 000 hits. Yet. I just started. Every time … Continue reading

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August 2011 Hike with the boys

This gallery contains 12 photos.

So this trip started out with the desire to hike down to “brechat meshusim”  (the hexagon pool) which I vaguely knew about as a place that you can jump from a pretty high cliff into water below. Somehow in the … Continue reading

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The most intense day of my life

Well this follows that fateful day in Gatlinburg. And it was about a month or more into our trip. And I was really hungover. And disappointed. And angry. No, enraged. And jealous. And confused. All that I had set out … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, the site name…

I kind of remember how I got to the name idragonb many years ago. I liked dragons as an imaginary creature since I was quite young. Dad got me a painting that I had in my bedroom for the longest … Continue reading

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Free association.

I understand that it doesn’t really matter what I write. Once I go off on a few directions something is bound to coagulate, so I will just start to dump. I have this nagging feeling that once I get it … Continue reading

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