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Climbing the Mackenzie building

Peter Serjak will remember some of the stupid things that we did. I don’t know what the context was, but suddenly we started climbing up the brick wall where the orange arrow points to. Couldn’t find a picture online of … Continue reading

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Near death experiences

I have to write them down. There seem to be so many that pop to mind. Maybe I will try and list them here and link them once I have written them individually? Why not. Cliff in Arizona Freezing in … Continue reading

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Torah summaries overview

One of the projects that I have taken on is arranging the traditional weekly reading into a visual format that makes the general topics being discussed more visible to the eye. For me, it allows the eye to scan the … Continue reading

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Polyphasic Sleeping

Read about this a while ago, but due to the fact that I am busy all day and not getting anything done, I decided that I would try this out finally. So far I’m pretty impressed. I close my eyes … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, the site name…

I kind of remember how I got to the name idragonb many years ago. I liked dragons as an imaginary creature since I was quite young. Dad got me a painting that I had in my bedroom for the longest … Continue reading

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More free association

Ok, so I should put a few tabs up on the top to start sorting things out. I would say Learning would be a good one. Work for sure, but not sure how things will develop, because I’m still not … Continue reading

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Title explanation

So the story of the title… I have always been interested in philosophy and I have always been committed to my ideals. I don’t remember where I heard it but “One who is under 40 and not an idealist has … Continue reading

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Free association.

I understand that it doesn’t really matter what I write. Once I go off on a few directions something is bound to coagulate, so I will just start to dump. I have this nagging feeling that once I get it … Continue reading

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Back to the blogging board

Trying again after many false starts to get something going on a blog. I have a few hobbies. I have a few habits. I have a family. I have a few friends. I feel that I need to put this … Continue reading

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