The Biblical era

While I may not be exact in my expressions, my goal is to be exactly that. I would like to write what can be observed, not what I have observed. As any researcher knows, the objective is always seen through the eyes of the subjective, so there will always be a live discussion that accompanies any form of work of this nature. I welcome it and I will allow it to temper my views to the extent that I can accommodate it in my perception.

(השמר לך פן תשכח את הדברים אשר ראו עיניך (דברים ד’ ט

Be wary lest you forget what your eyes have witnessed

That  which is beyond my limited capacity I do not reject, rather acknowledge and wish to maintain in parallel to, but external to, my perception. I cannot be so bold as not to acknowledge the success of the currently most referenced modern collection of knowledge and that which protects it – Wikipedia guidelines and rules or more simply The ten rules. I will be happy to link to all views that one who may stumble here may find relevant.

So the books that are relevant to me during this period are:
The 24 books of the Tanach

which are further sub-divided into

  • The 5 books of Moses
  • The Prophets
  • The Writings

Why these books? Click here…

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