Ruby on Rails

Been struggling with this for a while. I manage to get it deployed and working locally and then something burns up hours. I know that this is the process, but I really need to get this up and running. My future depends on it, Mr. Spock.

A little frustrated. Opened up an account on Got a copy of WordPress running as a blog. Was hoping to deploy Ruby on Rails there, but turns out that it is not supported. So back at heroku. Which is kind of nice, but progresses soooo slooooowwwly. I have made it to the fifth chaper of the tutorial before and I got everything install pretty quick. Was even uploading to github using Git Extensions which it really slick, but when I tried to connect to Heroku, didn’t work. Tried SSH keys. Didn’t work. Tried erasing and reinstalling. Didn’t work. Tried just doing it through the command line. Didn’t work.

Did I mention that it didn’t work?

So tomorrow I will still not have passed the first chapter for the 3rd time. Dammit. Cuss cuss. !@&^%@# as the road runner used to say. I so want to get my app up and running. Sigh.

Well just to have a bit of fun I’ll try posting a gallery of something from the past.

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