Meron 2014

This is the first year in many that I have gone to R’ Shimon Bar Yochai without the kids. It was a completely different experience. I went with Talia and we drove from Afula to Zfat through Tiveria. Getting to Zfat didn’t take too long, but they have to do something about the bus organization. They need to decentralize the ticket selling and distribute tickets for particular buses. Grown men were pushing women with small children aside to get on the bus first. I personally would have no problem waiting until my bus came if I knew that it was coming, but each bus that comes just increases the competition of getting on the bus. At least this time I came back at night – last year was in the heat of the day with the kids. I would also have no problem watching any of the people that feel that they can still break the system get put in a holding cage for a couple of hours to allow them to cool off. I’d even volunteer to help put them there.

But even the the journey is a difficult one, it is quite a sight to see. Buses are dumping people constantly.

I went down the mountain to see where we usually camp and it was very quiet and quite depressing.

I did get to see the crowd from the top of the mountain, but I was not feeling great and I couldn’t really connect to the noise that emanated at well over safe decibel limits from every direction. It is hard to put my finger on exactly what part of that intensity I connect to. I guess that it is just knowing that all these souls have a connection to that Tanna… I know that there are still a large amount that have yet to connect to the essence of his teachings, but since they are tuned in, it is just a matter of transmitting the proper message. We have a ways to go but change can come overnight – we just have to will it enough.

Got back at 4 in the morning and so far still going through the motions of a regular day, but not feeling the best.

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