Reporting (26.3.2) 24.6.14

Plan: With Tali for growth removal Finish format of parsha, Learn install package for CAD Send resumes
Week: 26
Day: 3
Quarter day: 2
Accomplished: Sorted face recognition in Picassa – wow, Advertized on agora, sent 2 messages for kitchen cabinets Was with Tali for growth removal, Installed SketchUp, Used cache tool to get pics from Supersal site for Tal Finished marking Parsha 
Deviation from plan and reason: Didn’t get to resumes or install package – to do for next session
Start time: 9:12
End time: 15:00
How I feel: Not bad, body a little sore from yoga
Concepts learned: ChromeCacheView – for leeching pictures out of web site – sort by time, show only images, copy to new folder – very effective – other simpler offline viewing programs will only work on simpler html sites Picassa facial recognition – awesome – saved thousands of hours Agora – great site for free stuff
Food eaten: 3 slices bread and butter, bagel with salt, cantaloupe 1/8
Tasks: Call Shmuel Zar for help on Thursday afternoon

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