Aaron Berman, Caught on film…




Aaron Berman. Stepping in to his car. This is all the information that we have now.

Check this out.

Aaron Berman was caught by a paparazzi last night getting into or some say out of, his vehicle. Or not.

This picture does not have 3 000 000 hits. Yet. I just started. Every time I enter counts as one. This paparazzi is betting on the long shots. They pay more when you win. And it is not a race, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. By my rough calculations even if I just visit this page once a year for the next 3 000 000 years, then it will slowly but surely get there.

My organizational skills are catching on to my mass of media and I can pull pictures out of this huge box. Finally. 🙂

Aaron Einstein. Assumed IQ 182

Please understand that this is an intelligence quotient. And we don’t throw away 6 sigma strays. We average em in. On both sides. The people that say 0 don’t have much of an impact. I just counted them added one and multiplied by 200 and that is what I think of you. A positive force has a much larger potential than lack of force. Cause I think I don’t care what they think and therefore don’t count, and I can make up the difference however I want. And yeah, I guess if still dropped to 182, then there are bunch of “normal” people that think that you are normal. Boring!

 And here is something for some good useful fun time…

Come on Aaron! give us a sign!!

And here is the cowboy joke.



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