Wood work

Well I found work, it seems. I have been working in a wood shop for the past month or so and while it is still uncertain how things will develop, it seems like they will continue.

My current interest is getting CNC as an integral part of the business. But there is a lot of organizing to accomplish until that happens.

I have achieved a few things. I have brought a small CNC machine into the shop and I can efficiently produce text by cutouts or outlines. It took a few hours on the first few passes but now it can produce text 30 by 40 cm in about half an hour.

I was able to produce a scale model of an architectural design for the face detail of an Aron Kodesh.

1:5 Scale model – it took a few days to produce but learned many techniques

I then prepared 3 “stock” blocks of wood for full scale and took them for production. We were up all night working on them, and there were a couple of problems, including a tool crash and cutout. I need to find a way to reduce the time significantly on the other 2 models.

Full scale model – more than a meter across – first marks in the wood

Can begin to see the final shape

The shape slowly emerging from the wood

After 6 hours of waiting, the first disapointment comes – a tool crash scratches the entire front section

Luckily, we were able to reduce the damage in the fine run

But will definitely need a repair

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Displaying photo 4.JPG

It is necessary to cut the excess wood as part of the program – cleaning this up will take some patience

Conclusions to date are that it is very possible to produce quality work on a fairly basic machine and I am quite certain that the one that we have specs for from China will be very useful.

But I need to increase my efficiency immediately.

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