I have been meaning to make order out of the dates of the Tanach each week, but never get around to it. So here goes.

The months are referred to as numbers and sometimes they are counted from an event and sometimes they are counted from the creation of the sun and the moon. Sometimes they start in Tishrei – the counting of the months. I will come back and restructure here eventually.

So I guess I will have 12 or 13 months and the events that happened in them. I will link to here. Or the date. Ok.

The Hebrew months by name are:

רבי אליעזר / רבי יהושע

 נִיסָן 7/1
אִיָּר   רבי יהושע 2/8
סִיוָן 3/9
תַּמּוּז 4/10
אָב 5/11
אֱלוּל 6/12
תִּשׁרִי 7/1
מַרְחֶשְׁוָן 8/2
כִּסְלֵו 9/3
טֵבֵת 10/4
שְׁבָט 11/5
אֲדָר א׳ 12/6
אֲדָר ב׳

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