Embedded systems Hour 1

Once again I find myself realizing that I need to have micro-controller technology in my pocket and once again I am starting from scratch…

My current goal is to make a simple system that controls a sunscreen by remote control. It contains the following components:

  1. motor
  2. gear system
  3. controller
  4. pulley system
  5. track
  6. screen

There is a macro goal and a micro goal here.

The macro goal is to turn a small wood shop into a highly efficient business entity that has a stock market footprint.

The minor goal and the one that I am focusing on now is the controller.

My first glance in the wiki world seems to indicate that I am talking about a micro-controller, and to be fully effective for a product, I want it to be cheap and simple. In order to keep it that way it seems that I have to understand the concept of embedded programming.

I have stumbled across this stack-exchange link, and I am starting to sift through the info.

I have started by skimming through the treasure of this pirate, and if it takes me to the destination that I am looking for, I will certainly pay for my ticket. Pirate manners, you know…

Have to fly now, but will try to connect my added posts.

Any info on shortcuts to anywhere is always greatly appreciated. I hope to arrive at my destination in 2 months at 3 hours per week. That’s 24 hours. One down 23 to go….

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