Golden hats

Made an interesting connection regarding “golden hats”

I am convinced that these are the vessels that were used to receive blood in the temple in Jerusalem…

It is written in the mishna that the vessel used to receive the blood from the animal had a pointed bottom so that it would have to be held by the cohenim (priests) so that the blood would not coagulate – they would have to support it in their hands and it would be in continual motion until it was poured onto the alter.

Being that the height is ideal for catching the blood and the volume is large enough to hold all the blood that would be contained in the animals that were slaughtered and the solar and lunar calendar are depicted on the side – which is typical to the Hebrew calendar – and the best craftsmen with the best technology and raw materials were available, it seems likely that this was the purpose of these vessels…

Worth adding this theory to Wikipedia, but probably will never be confirmed…

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