Technological perception expansion

Just saw Ted talk David Eagleman, wanted to pick up the phone and talk to him, but that seems like a long shot, so hope that he picks these signals up on his back…

Two relevant experiences I want to express regarding sensory expansion that I have experienced:

  1. Expanded environment awareness by bonding with my dog – he was with me 16 years, we ran 3 times a day and he was able to communicate the nature of the relationship to me of the people that were present in a radius of at least 200 meters around me. Through the grunts and barks and behaviours I was able to know if the person was in my circle of acquaintances or represented a threat/unknown. I was actually not fully conscious of the extent that it existed until he died and I felt like I lost my hearing. I felt blind to my surroundings. So there are 2 points here.
    1. I was utilizing the increased sensory abilities of my dog
    2. I was utilizing his ability to discern between the nature of my relationship with others
  2. Chemically induced sensory expansion – without going into details for fear that damaging conclusions will be reached, let me suffice in expressing that I had an experience that added a sixth sense (for lack of a better definition). It is dificult to explain a sense that does not fall into a common experience, but it gave my the ability to “see” connectivity between people in a qualitive and quantitive form, but separate from the people themselves. Meaning that it is not the person that comes to another person, rather a separate element that exists independant to the connected parties and this element determines the interaction of the parties involved.

What I want to express here is that there is a nature that the dog can perceive – not just the hearing or smell – and can communicate – and this nature has not been detected by inorganic sensors (to the best of my knowledge).

So my interest in sensory expansion would probably be to connect to the invisible spectrum through the “peripherals” that are being developed. I would be curious if our brains can sync tactile representations of xrays (or infra/ultra) and layer them with the visual spectrum.

But I believe that the bonding power that can be sensed is more fundamental and the senses map to it…

Anyway, if you pick up on this thread and you want to reach me, I am much more accessible than you seem to be… I have been exploring the world that is connected to the largest and most stable bonding force that I am aware of and I would be very interested to influence and utilize your tech… but time is just a thing – keep going forward and eventually we will meet!

One small comment regarding goals – I find that there is a trend “to give people the power to perceive what they want”. I don’t want to see what I want, I want to see everything. I would very much like to be helped to see the things that I am blind to, not just see the things that I want to experience. But it would be nice if I could receice the things that are difficult for me to process within the experiences that I am drawn to…

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