List of things to do

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  1. idragonb says:

    Call Avi regarding changes in Kiriat Ono

  2. idragonb says:

    Big Arch for Sarozkin – produce

  3. idragonb says:

    Process – general plan , plan, checklist…

  4. idragonb says:

    Need boxes for Sarozkin (between cornices) – for Sammy

  5. idragonb says:

    Sheviti Lakewood and Markovich

  6. idragonb says:

    Stender for Sarozkin is on step or in step? Add to model

  7. idragonb says:

    Bookshelves Danny

  8. idragonb says:

    Markovich – Small Aron Kodesh

  9. idragonb says:

    Markovich – Doors to main hall

  10. idragonb says:

    Send Markovich downstairs option to Dani

  11. idragonb says:

    Lakewood with dims to Yosi Mirror

  12. idragonb says:

    Satmar Aron model

  13. idragonb says:

    Prepare Aron for Francine Tarn

  14. idragonb says:

    Check price of Siddurim

  15. idragonb says:

    Simple Aron using cornice like the bookshelves of Markovich

  16. idragonb says:

    Woodytech – 4x MDF 8mm mahogany for logo
    crown in 17 mm MDF – should have there
    upper cornice on big Aron Kodesh – cut ovals

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