• Mechanical engineer and CAD automation expert with extensive experience in projects of all scales
• Fluent in several CAD scripting languages
• Extensive customer-facing experience in various settings
• Familiar with small-office IT and database management
• Basic knowledge in various programming and scripting environments.

2012-Present Engineer and AutoCAD Expert, Freelance

• Created CAD programs for various clients, including GUI, database interaction, install scripts and feedback management
• Mechanical concept designs for the American wood industry
• CAD standard implementation for Architectural firm in India
• Automation of cable placement for housing foundation reinforcement
• Agricultural machinery design and construction documents
2008 – 2012 P. Marom
Design Engineer

• Played pivotal role in growing small operation into midsize company
• Designed Greenhouses and Net Houses using AutoCAD, Sketchup, AutoLisp, Strap, Inventor
• Developed AutoLisp scripts to automate the Greenhouse design process, create visualizations, and generate Bills of Materials.
• Created preliminary designs and animated installation manuals for customers using Sketchup
• Managed all office IT systems, including network, email, servers, workstations, software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.
• Led requirements and system selection process for engineering ERP system.
• Responsible for programming of CNC Roll-Bending machine
2004-2008 Freelance
Engineer, CAD management
• Responsible for upgrading AutoCAD drawings in architecture and other disciplines, to Intel’s CAD standards for Fab28 (Intel Kiryat Gat) construction, a $4B project.
• Most CAD standard upgrades were automated using AutoLisp/VBA
• Created a CAD standards compliance-checking tool and sold it to Intel. The tool was used to produce compliance reports for design drawing in the Fab28 project.
• Worked closely with architect near close of project to aid in project organization and project compliance.

• 3D modeling projects for engineering firms and artisan shops
• Submitted entries to several design contests, one was accepted and constructed.
• Various apartment renovation projects, design and execution.
1999-2004 Ben Gurion 2000 Project
CAD Standards Expert
• A $1B, 9-year project, Ben Gurion is one of the most ambitious construction projects ever undertaken in Israel.
• In charge of CAD standards compliance for the three major management areas of the entire project (airside, landside, parking garage).
• Extensive AutoCAD and AutoLisp programming to bulk-modify design drawings for standards compliance
• Creation of software tools to handle various aspects of large-scale design drawing administration: extraction of text for translation, font and character set conversions for internationalization, file format conversions.
• Managed staff of 5 CAD specialists.
• Provided complete IT systems and solutions support for one of major management companies, including network, workstation and software installations and support.
• Consulted to the customer (IAA) and overall project management company in setting CAD standards. Liaised with the various sub-contractors in enforcement of the standards.
1998 – 1999 Shacham
Programmer, Technical Support
• Customized workstations for architects, engineers and designers.
• Installed and supported Autocad workstations for clients.
• Created and maintained various Autolisp programs.
• Designed CAD drawing management database using rapid development software tool.

1996 – 1998 Avraham Schwartz Engineers
• Created design programs in AutoCAD and AutoLisp, which automated the design process of water, sewage and fire protection infrastructure in large scale construction projects.
• Example projects: Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, Neighborhoods in Ramat Rachel, Mevaseret, etc.
• Created programs that automatically applied construction codes to drawings in order to generate construction data such as bills of materials, pipe cross sections etc.
• Design and CAD standards compliance work for the Ben Gurion 2000 project.
1992 Carleton University
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
1997 Machon Lev
C++ programming, databases

• Native English speaker, fluent in Hebrew, basic French comprehension
• Dual Canadian / Israeli citizenship
• References available upon request

Computer Aided Design (Expert)
Project Management Tools (Competent)
Programming (Familiar)

• AutoCAD
• Visual LISP
• SketchUp Pro
• Fusion
• Inventor
• SolidWorks
• Strap • MS Office Suite
• MS Project • C++
• Java
• Excel DOM
• XAMPP stack
• Postgres
• Ruby on Rails stack
• Git
• Heroku

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