Free association.

I understand that it doesn’t really matter what I write. Once I go off on a few directions something is bound to coagulate, so I will just start to dump. I have this nagging feeling that once I get it all out I won’t be around for very long. My great grandfather recanted his life a year or two before he died. Strange things make me feel uneasy. Strange things comfort me. Truth is I have never “followed” anyone’s blog, so I shouldn’t be so worried that someone will follow mine. I guess if a specific topic coagulates, it may show up in a search. I don’t know how that works but I know that somebody does, so I guess the good stuff floats to the top. Probably update after I Google it.

So I chose the banner of raw wood – probably walnut – that I asked my Mom to bring from Canada. Who am I talking to? I guess I will figure it out as I go along. Perhaps if I know who I am having this dialog with in this world I may have a better understanding of what is guiding my decisions. Because as certain as I am of each step that I make, I am often uncertain on how it is that I came to make certain choices. I know I used to make them randomly or once inspired. But more about that later.

So I had these 4 pieces of wood that were unique (because I remember that Dad told me that they were unique) in that they were especially wide for their length of this type of wood. He set them aside when he had a wood working factory and kept them in his garage once the factory closed and I know that he wanted to do something special with them. Life ran out and he didn’t get a chance, so I asked Mom to bring them to me, and I planned to make something nice and about 12 more years passed. Time is liquid in an upturned cup. Doesn’t even matter if there are no holes in it. You can’t stop it from pouring out. Don’t get depressed however. Look at my banner. This is an optimistic view. Less words…

So my wifeImagewho makes me happy as you can see in the reflection of me beyond her in the mirror, Talia (yes I know that you don’t like me posting your picture, but it is hazy, so shhh) decided that she would help me get the project moving. Found a relative that has access to a wood shop and got the table top done. Talia saw some table legs that she liked and found me another wood shop. So this:IMG_1135 turned into this IMG_1220Table design So that is the story of the banner…

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