Oh yeah, the site name…

I kind of remember how I got to the name idragonb many years ago. I liked dragons as an imaginary creature since I was quite young. Dad got me a painting that I had in my bedroom for the longest time. I need to get a picture of that and post it here. I wonder where it is. It was probably at Marni’s house. It probably got burned in the fire. Eek. I guess all those pictures did. Well there’s perspective at it’s finest. Funny though, it survived the barn fire that burned my car. I’ll write about that somewhere else. Oh yeah, near death experiences also has to have a collection point.

So I was looking for a user name for some site. Don’t remember which one. All the dragon names were taken. I liked “I dragon be”. (More about that hallucination elsewhere). The name stuck. I sometimes get a chuckle that it is childish. If you knew how childish I really am, you would be roflmdao. Well, you get the idea.

About idragonb

Information junkie, just like everyone else...
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