More free association

Ok, so I should put a few tabs up on the top to start sorting things out. I would say Learning would be a good one. Work for sure, but not sure how things will develop, because I’m still not so sure how order works here, I still feel like I am rambling. It seems correct to just be involved in the process for a set time each day and I guess something will come of it. I just started experimenting with polyphasic sleeping, so I’ll have to write about that somewhere. I set up an excel on my computer that links me to all my current projects and that gives me a bit of a better sense of control over the things that I need to take care of. It currently contains 12 items.

I started this round of blogging after a Google got me to this site. She seems to give sensible advice for writing a blog, so that it what has got me started. Just glanced back to try and get an idea of how much I should be investing in this. The answer seems to be like Nike’s motto. Just do it. OK. It is number 12 on my list at the moment. Let’s see where the momentum takes us.

A Work tab. My resume info there. Go.

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