Polyphasic Sleeping

Read about this a while ago, but due to the fact that I am busy all day and not getting anything done, I decided that I would try this out finally. So far I’m pretty impressed. I close my eyes 3 times a day for 20 minutes and I can magically sleep for less than 4 hours at night. So I’ve been averaging about 5 hours of down time per day, but my alert time seems to have doubled. Often in the middle of the day, after I make an effort in something, I have a hard time getting into a new subject and making progress in it.

So I find (at the moment anyway – this has not yet stood the test of time) that I get a reset after each nap. It seems that each 20 minute nap replaces a 90 minute night phase. And I find that I do go into REM much quicker and I can very quickly get into a new work cycle. So it seems that I benefit twice.

So I am trying to get a pattern going on how to use my time. I am currently trying this pattern:

  • 4:27 am , Early morning, Spiritual cycle
  • 9:40 am , Morning , Work cycle – need to get a pattern with this going
  • 14:52 pm , Afternoon , Work cycle – try and make resume sending an integral part
  • 19:45 pm , Evening , Family cycle? – have time to sit with wife, phone etc and still have time to myself before bed
  • 00:57 am Core sleep

This is considered the E3 cycle or the Everyman 3-nap. Please note that you may want to do research before following suit, as there are risks associated to not getting enough sleep apparently. So while you may be having a negative impact on gene expression, you will have extra time throughout your day. This is a rather new experiment from what I can gather, so I am joining the experiment, making this note and will report what – if anything – becomes of it.

BTW this is part of the reason that I have the time to write this blog…

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