Torah summaries overview

One of the projects that I have taken on is arranging the traditional weekly reading into a visual format that makes the general topics being discussed more visible to the eye. For me, it allows the eye to scan the page much quicker and get an overall structure before focusing on the sub topics and without adding anything to the text or giving any commentary. It seems that if I tag and categorize them appropriately, I will be able to keep track on the fly. I have been organizing them on my computer, but I would like to share my findings, at least with my brother and kids. If someone else finds them useful, great. So there are several periods of literature that are interesting to me. And in each of these periods there are sub-periods that can be felt within the literature and work that survives that was outside the work that can be considered to originate from “תורת משה” or “the teaching of Moses”. These books interest me as I can connect to that which has been a defining source for most of civilization, at the very least Western civilization, in all it’s beauty and turmoil. And while there is a lengthy amount that can be said at any point, my main goal is to bring the works themselves in their most preserved manner. So the periods are

  • The Biblical era
  • The Tannitic period
  • The Amoraic period
  • The post Amoraic period


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