Climbing the Mackenzie building

Peter Serjak will remember some of the stupid things that we did.

I don’t know what the context was, but suddenly we started climbing up the brick wall where the orange arrow points to. Couldn’t find a picture online of the actual wall. If anyone reads this and can get me that pic great.


So the trick on that climb was getting past those white sections at each floor. And getting on the roof. But we did it.

Another time, again I don’t know exactly why, we followed the red arrows to the roof. There are at least 2 windows per floor and I remember looking through the window on the 3rd floor on the upper window and a student saw me, stopped dead in her tracks and just stared, apparently trying to figure out what she was seeing. The confusion didn’t leave her face, so she just decided to continue on her way…

We also had to drop down to this bridge to get back in – there were no open doors in the building we climbed that accessed the roof, so we had to drop to a balcony in the Arch. building. We had to walk through a class that was in session and they also kind of stared at us not knowing where we had come from.



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