Near death experiences

I have to write them down. There seem to be so many that pop to mind. Maybe I will try and list them here and link them once I have written them individually? Why not.

  1. Cliff in Arizona
  2. Freezing in Arizona
  3. Cliff in Maine
  4. Building climbing in Carleton  bricks
  5. Building climbing in Carleton  windows
  6. Jumping off the cruise ship Carleton
  7. On the road
  8. falling from the motorcycle,
  9. Hockley road,
  10. falling asleep at the wheel,
  11. (which reminds me of sleep deprivation stories – Honda, driving, class),
  12. bigots in the mountains – the preacher and the kid with the shotgun,
  13. lightning storm on the Appalachians,
  14. the barn fire,
  15. the bulls on the hike.
  16. Driving through east Jerusalem, Ramala.
  17. Knife in Riga.
  18. Need another post of work dangers – losing fingers…
  19. Falling off horses.
  20. Going to need to organize this more.
  21. Cliff diving Jamaica
  22. Skinny dipping Jamaica
  23. Mountain drive Turkey
  24. Lightning on the tractor
  25. Lightning in the Smoky Mountains
  26. Bus falling off road
  27. House fire
  28. Extreme sports

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Information junkie, just like everyone else...
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