A few thoughts on blogging

Well I’ve been blogging this round for a few days. 18 posts last I checked. Got another blog going (open5d.com) to practice the infrastructure side and develop something that I have been contemplating for a long time.

It seems that there are several aspects that are fighting for my attention.

    • The past
      • Things I’ve experienced
        • that have affected me
        • that have guided me
        • that have changed me
      • Making order of the past
      • Understanding history
    • The present
      • The interesting
      • Technologies
      • Employment opportunities
      • Trying to be self aware
    • The future
      • Planning
      • Preparing

And these have subtopics etc.
I need to find a way that I can give these weight and allot time such that my day can be used properly.
I don’t know how to turn my current capacity into a something that pays the bills, but I have a sense that I can.

I think that I am not making enough effort to make the content interesting. I think that I need to but pictures and diagrams in every post. I am considering basing posts on pictures, but then I will always be in the past.

So at least this should be my effort for the past and make order by being meticulous with tags and categories…

And the present? When I was younger I only lived in the present. Now I have such a hard time seeing it. What can I write about the present? I can only write about the past. It is the writing itself that exists in the present as I sit here. In which case I will need to learn expression and presence and become self aware. Then the recounting of the past and the contemplation and planning for the future will be my experience. The present is the execution of my schedule. My schedule is vague. I’m rambling.

I still haven’t figured out all these controls that I have around me…

I have the Publish section
Status is Draft and Pending review. Let’s try pending review.
Not too sure what difference that made…
Ah – If you set pending review (and press OK!) then the post gets pushed to the post queue and not available for free view. I guess that would be important if you have viewers and you would like to present organized material. Or if you are the main editor and there are several writers.

Can I set this up to have different people log in and post?

I wonder what the critical mass is before the blog starts to get a life of it’s own. This is my 19th post and it does appear that I am accomplishing something, but it definitely doesn’t look like some of the well seasoned blogs that I have seen that feel like there are hundreds of posts… How many grains of rice until it is considered a pile?

I see that there is a Users button on the left here…

Ok, so I sent an invite to a different email. Then I would have to create a profile on wordpress (which makes sense I guess – that’s where the tools are) Let’s see what happens if I send it to my currently registered email… Can I be an admin and a contributor? No that wouldn’t make sense. I could be the admin of one account and contributor to another. The power of contemplation.

The visibility has a cool function. You can make the post “sticky” and have it stay on the first page. In my case it got colored the color of a sticky note.

Password protected and private give you functionality. The private will allow only invited “viewers” to see. I would guess the password is if it is public and you don’t want your editor to touch it?

You can roll back revisions. Change the advertised publishing date. Publish to a variety of social sites. Not going to touch that one just yet…

The writing helper below looks like a good idea. I could set a common format for a post and then use it as a template. That’s a good idea. I’m going to set that up now.

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