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One thing that I’ve noticed, is that I often make the effort to express myself when something goes wrong, so I feel obligated to express myself when things go right. And things go wrong. But one of the best things that I have noticed since the dawn of the computer era, is a predominant good will to fix things.

Fixing things is a continual process in computers, and it would appear that the process has an affect on the one performing this approach each day. So why am I posting this?

I hooked up to a free service called RescueTime, that, as implied, is designed to monitor your computer use and try and find where you are losing valuable time in the course of your day. We all feel that that is happening and we even pretty much now where that time is going. But to put it in front of your eyes each weak and to do a reckoning really helps build better habits. At least mine have been improving since I have started receiving the weekly reports. And it came recommended from my brother-in-law who also consults the weekly stats.

So to get to the point.

Due to the fact that I saw that I was benefiting from the program, I wanted 2 things. To put in my 2 cents to the process. Anytime that I benefit from a free program, I try and make a small donation. And I also get to try out the advanced tools, which I may write a review on as well, if they enhance the program significantly. It is a tricky balance to know what to give away for free and what to charge for, but it is not difficult to see which things that you benefit from and which things you don’t. So for me I know where to put my money.

Robby, just had a great idea… have a stat that shows a list of programs or sites that are being used and have a percentage next to each one. I would use that to know how to distribute money that I have to pay for the software that I use. Obviously the ones that make me money are the ones that I want to support with money, and the ones that are entertainment have a different status, but if you make that a property that the user can add to each of the software or websites, then the metric can be used to graph the usage. You guys do that well.

So here’s the page I get when I click the link:


…as you can see, the discount shows up…

…and here is the one that you generously gave me when I notified you of my mistakenly cancelling the service (and you made sure to correct immediately, no stress felt by me!)…


…and I thought that maybe I shouldn’t publish this because everyone would want the discount, but the truth is, no advertising is bad advertising and when you get big enough you’ll get attention from the bigger companies and money becomes less of a motivating factor. And I only have about 20 followers so I don’t think that I’m going to blow the market here.

Regardless I’ll modify the post to suit your preference one way or the other, including these words, and feel free to link here.

So this is my way of saying thanks, good luck with your career Robby and good luck with the program and anything else that you set out to do!

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