HTML5 – more big projects

Hello blog.

Spending a lot of time finding a better method for formatting Hebrew in the blog. Fairly satisfied, although I still have some ideas. I have been editing the Torah such that it is easier to grasp context. Making the sub-topics smaller and tabbing them. The eye can quickly pick up on major topics and sub-topics and it’s easier for my brain to absorb the information. Pure HTML is much cleaner than embedding the pdf using scribd. But much more work, too, at the moment.

So I am trying to get into html5 3d animations. Using a quick and dirty tutorial which lacks a bit of detail, but gives enough information to get by. The problem with this blog is it seems that I can’t freely embed all types of info. But I am looking into it. Keep you posted.

I would like to have something spinning on the x below:




I’ll keep working on it.

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