Elance going downhill

Well I have been using elance to connect to a variety of clients which I was quite happy with until recently.

It seems that since they merged with (the other) mediator company they have decided to put users second and themselves first. They started changing policy and enforcing policy where they had previously not made a fuss. As far as the enforcing policy, they certainly have a right. But when they decide to start dipping into funds beyond that which was agreed upon and then start enforcing policy as a rebuke, the feeling that I am left with is I am no longer working with someone who is serving my best interest.

Being that it is a child-like reaction, I am certain that that is essentially what it is, but that is certainly not someone who I will be adding business to in the future.

I have a few projects still open which I will finish out of respect to the clients, but I will not be searching for future work through this channel.

It would appear that elance has had some financial success and it is unfortunate that, without exception, financial success ruins the people and the product.

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