Almost one month

Polyphasic sleep going well most of the time. Slept in for an hour yesterday and today. Must be turning off my alarm in my sleep. Missed my 2:30 nap today and was working in Beit Meir cleaning up. I got very tired but napped at Mom’s. Feel ok now. Added extra alarm in the morning. 4:00, 4:22 and 4:30 – one of them should get me up!

Still feeling mostly productive, but a little worried about things that I neglect. I could easily add hours to my day, but heard an interesting take on this yesterday at my evening learning session.

There was a man that enjoyed learning and would get up every morning, join a minion, learn an hour in a group, go to work and then spend time with his family in the evening. He was quite enjoying the routine, but he was having a hard time making ends meet. He decided that he had to change his routine, he took an additional job in the evenings and had to give up his morning routine to make the day work. He was very tired all the time, was not enjoying his life and the biggest problem – his bank account did not improve one bit! So he went to a sage to get some advice.

The sage patiently listened to his story and then told him a story to exemplify his point.

There was a man who had a water reservoir and it filled with rain during the rainy season and he hooked up a hose to use the water during the dry season. On a particularly dry year, he saw that the water that remained would not be enough to sustain his family and his crops, so when the water level was quite low and hardly any water was coming out of the reservoir, he decided that he would hook an additional hose to the reservoir so that he would have more water.

The lesson was that what you will receive over the course of the year is decided at the beginning of the year and, although you must make your best effort, to toil too much to try and change your fate will have negative consequences, and believing that doubling your effort will double what is made available to you is very often an absurd approach.

So I am maxing the hours in my day, I am producing more, but the thing that I have a tendency to neglect still need work. And I have to address that issue head on to get my balance back. With the help of my maker, I will not give up my efforts…

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