Report (26.1.3) 22.6.14

Plan: Start William’s project
Week: 26
Day: 1
Quarter day: 3
Accomplished: Downloaded BOM template from GrabCad – not interesting Created a parameter driven cyma crown molding. Can use this molding template to create other crown molds.
Deviation from plan and reason: Spacing out a bit – about an hour, watching 5by. Not very focused. Giving a push. Details are very time consuming 
Start time: 15:35
End time: 19:45
How I feel: Still feel pretty good although slept through to alarm. The heat broke which is a big relief. Hungry!
Concepts learned: cyma as opposed to support
Food eaten: Started with an instant coffee, half sugar, bit of milk. 5 pieces of candied ginger one of Mom’s chocolate chip cookies 
Tasks: Mom will come by tomorrow q2

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