Report (26.1.2) 22.6.14

Plan: Get CAD India back up and running – locate task list of days – try and move forward with the tasks parallel to getting the install going
Week: 26
Day: 1
Quarter day: 2
Accomplished: Re-installing Autocad – mount iso and use re-install in control panel – fairly quick, menus restored! Email to Dr Yaffa – Emma blood test results This form for tracking Found where I was in the WiX tutorial
Deviation from plan and reason: I was uncertain exactly where I stand or how to get back into things. I don’t have an easily traceable thread on where I was so that I could get into it easily. Even now, I am not sure if I am leaving clear enough tracks. In the checklist on the install process tab I have a shortcut to the WiX tutorial. Spent a bit of time trying to understand Emma’s blood results.
Start time: 11:00
End time: 15:10
How I feel: Feel rested – rest has fading out and fading in – this time took about 16 minutes before I looked at my watch. Full REM and disconnect.
Concepts learned: WiX thyroid factors
Food eaten: Big plate of mjadera, hard boiled egg with mayonaise, soya sauce and half a red pepper
Tasks: Add to Yad2 ad for Beit Meir – my name, size of lot and house. Plan what to take on thurs/fri next quarter William wood

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