Report (26.1.4) 23.6.14

Plan: Yoga
Week: 26
Day: 1
Quarter day: 4
Accomplished: Yoga – weight at end 84.6 kg Struggled, still need work on abs, bridge, a little faint at some point but made it through
Deviation from plan and reason: Made a few phone calls in bed
Start time: 20:20
End time: 1:07
How I feel: Pretty good, although I don’t sleep in this stretch. I think it is food related – I have to figure out how many calories to ingest and at what hour to knock me out for the ideal time. I am hungry with a bit of a headache.
Concepts learned: 
Food eaten: 1/8 watermelon 1/8 cantaloupe 300 gm dry pasta butter fried zuccs in tomato sauce w/ parmezan 

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