Reporting (26.2.1) 23.6.14

Plan: Learning
Week: 26
Day: 2
Quarter day: 1
Accomplished: Prayer, Daf Taanit 12
Deviation from plan and reason: Woke up at 4:30 but fell back asleep – was very hot and the fan wasn’t turned up enough. Probably tired from the yoga as well. Next awake at 5:42. Went to sleep a little late last night too. Small changes affect waking – perhaps I need to sleep with a timer at night as well. Maybe print a copy of kaddish so that it will be readily available – missed saying it after learning. No network access, didn’t pay the bill.
Start time: 5:42
End time: 10:40
How I feel: Feel pretty tired, eyes are a little gunky. Feel rushed because I woke up late. Feel like I ate too much last night. Brain not working well – need to get up right away in morning so that I have time to prepare myself for the day. Of course when I asked Talia for a little distance and understanding because my mind is not clear needed to sit on my head and yell at me and make sure that I don’t get rest, because that is what she thinks I need. She is great when she is giving me the things that she thinks I need, but the things that I think I need will never come from her. But she’s on hormones.
Concepts learned: 
Food eaten: Turkish coffee, half spoon sugar
Tasks: Try and find the meaning of Kaddish in the Mishna Brura – Shimmy said that it is there somewhere. Ask him Set up horaat keva for bezeq. This form should be a php. Set it up local and copy the formatted text.

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