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Releasing my truth

Before you begin sailing through my brain and reading my thoughts, I must point out 2 things:

1 – I am not writing what I am writing in order to suck up to the Jews and I have no secret intentions or hidden interests, all I am requesting is to pour out my heart and to have my voice heard with the goal that maybe someone will read my words and will change his mind and will see the truth as I see it.

2 – I am writing in Hebrew because, to my dismay, I have forgotten how to write properly in Arabic, it has already been 10 years that I speak, read and write mainly in Hebrew, so if there is a volunteer that will take the initiative and translate it to proper Arabic, I would be happy.


I have very deep pain in my heart, paralyzing me, frightening me, depressing me…


How much can I keep inside? It has to come out one way or another, years of repressing and silence have passed with great sobbing to all who see the truth but are afraid to express it, choose not to take sides, torn between a natural identity to his nation and religion and between an identity that he does not belong to, wanting the reality to change but without the tools to change anything.


I can no longer watch the violence carried out in the name of Allah, in all of the video clips that come from Syria and Iraq and Gaza, I can no longer understand this thirst for blood and the support from the religious of this blood spilling, why war between brothers? Why hate without reason and why to brainwash a 3 year old and instill in him that he is the best in the world and anyone that doesn’t believe this is less than him and can be killed?


Why does a 7 year old need to hold a weapon in his pure hands instead of toys or musical instruments and what is going through the minds of the mother who wraps her baby in an explosive belt and photographs it for a souvenir instead of capturing him with a toy or a bunny in the zoo?


Why has compassion been exchanged with hatred, and why is this hatred being transferred to everyone, to infect them with sickness and why does an entire nation need to pay the price of the actions of their extremists?


Who says that Muslims are better than Jews or Christians?

The last time that I checked, I found to my astonishment that we have the same anatomy, the same brain structure and the same consciousness, we all eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty, laugh when we are happy and cry when we are sad, same eyes, same heart and same kidneys!! We have blood that is red in our veins and breath the same air…


The same creator created us all.


Just as none of choose to be born into this world, we have no control over which country or religion or gender to belong to, you cannot blame a Jew for being a Jew or a Christian for being a Christian, if a Muslim baby from Nazareth was born a few meters north in Upper Nazareth then he would belong to the Jews!!


This is the same God that gave Moses and after him Jesus and then to Mohamed each one his religion and commanded him to spread it.

I don’t remember seeing in the Koran that God commands Muslims to kill Jews and Christians, no one has shown me a passage that expresses that you have to kill anyone that is not a Muslim, there is a commandment to be at war with the infidels but Jews and Muslims are not infidels, they belong to the same God, only with different language and traditions.


So why? Why is there hatred and prejudice and bloodshed daily in the name of religion? Why the wars and the borders? Why the pain and the violence? Why meaningless death instead of a happy life? Why do entire nations need to suffer and pay a heavy price for one nation that wants to reign?


And the answer lies in the question.




To my sorrow, in the war on control the extremists are winning, they are leading us time after time to a bloodbath and are brainwashing our children to an unnecessary war between brothers, the simple people whose only desire is to live in peace and enjoy life sit on the sidelines and watch as slowly but surely they are drifting away from this dream and being led like sheep to slaughter, instead of standing up and laying a great blow on the extremists, they choose to sit in silence and let them do as they please with no interference.


 We, the people of peace, are greater in number than the fanatics that are thirsty for blood. Why do we not unite and do an act that demands a bit of courage and sacrifice in order that our children and grandchildren will live in a better world?


And so, it is because terrorists have weapons in hand and they are using them skillfully, I am not talking about guns and missiles, I am talking about the resolve and dedication that they display, I am referring to the scare tactics in the beheading videos that make us not want to get involved and rebel against them lest they one day be victorious and they will punish us, I am referring to the brainwashing that we are exposed to through the media, that they control and we are nourished  from their lies they they want us to believe instead of the truth.


Once my boss in the Security Office said to me “Stop coming to me with claims and try to present to me a distorted reality and expect that I will solve everything. If you have a complaint, bring your complaint, but bring it together with a realistic and implementable solution in order that we can fix it.


So I present to you a realistic implementable solution.

To my dismay, the call for peace protests and peace signs have not produced any results that might help us, terrorists that are fighting with real weapons that kill will not be defeated with words and imaginary peace agreements that are designed to allow them to survive for some more time and collect more brainwashed to their ranks, and to grow and arm themselves in the next battle.


I believe that the peace that we are hoping for will only come  if we do the following 3 things:

a- Get up off our asses, from the couches in the living room across from the television and to join together as a collective army of all those that are fed up and to go out to one last battle, the fight for peace.

b- Collapse the terror organizations and the extremists and disarm them of their weapons and force a reality of peace on the world.

c- Change and fix our education system and teach our children in kindergarten, summer camp, our homes and our schools that we are all equal and that peace is the only means that will allow us to live a happy and fulfilling life in this one-time world.


Yes, with all of the pain in it, we need to initiate the spilling of blood, but this time, for a change, the goal is good and sacred, there is no chance that we can overcome the terror monster without drawing the sword of peace that has rusted and broken.


As long as Arab Israelis that believe in peace and do not support hatred and prejudice remain frightened and hidden in their houses it will not be possible, we live in a country of law and the law will protect us and support us and strengthen us against the extremists and the brainwashed, if we don’t raise our heads and yell enough to the brainwashing that is done on our children at school and in the neighborhoods and mosques then our youth will continue to believe in hate and bloodshed, if we each call out loud and clear across the entire nation and the world then it will cause many people introspection and self evaluation and will bring understanding that it is worthwhile for them to change their mind and wake up and join us in order to stop the bloodbath.


Gentlemen, I served as a fighter in the IDF and never did I receive an order to kill an innocent child, and never have I heard that an order such as this has been given to a Jewish soldier, I have lived among the Jews for more than a decade and I know the Israeli people’s character very well and I see with my own eyes how they are a peaceful nation that gets dragged in each time against its will to a battle of survival full of blood against terror organizations, I also understand and see how the terror organizations use the simple people as a human shield, children women and the elderly in order to show the world a deceptive picture in which Israel and the IDF and the Jewish people are shown as killers without heart or conscience…


When was the last time that you saw soldiers filming a clip for youtube in which they behead a Muslim on the pretense that he is Muslim? When have you seen on your television screen a public execution in the streets of Israel of a group of poor defenseless people whose only crime is that they don’t want to convert? When have you heard a Jewish rabbi or Christian priest alling out in the synagogue or church to kill Muslims because God or Jesus commanded it?


Wake up already.


In respect to the Palestinian people I say, look at how, in the name of desire of control, your children and women are being killed for nothing, look at how the actions of terror organizations are leading you time and time again to a hard and painful reality, look at how terror organizations are taking your allotted money and is meant for your benefit and are sing it against you in order to arm themselves and gain power and silence you, if you would gather all of the monies given to the Palestinian people you would have an amount that would allow you to build a complete and independent nation, better schools, modern hospitals, thriving economy and a better life.


It is not a secret that terror will never overthrow the IDF, the Arab nations have all understood long ago that the ones that cause suffering are the terror organizations that are controlling you, they use your suffering in order to receive more donations that will allow them to gain more power and strength against you, wake up and raise your head, try to regain control of your destiny and support a new rule that turns to peace and 2 state solution for 2 people, the Jewish people are here to stay and I see no alternative to your suffering, war and bloodshed will not bring you to a better place.


You want proof that the war is one of control and against the Jews and Christians on the basis that they are guilty of being born as such?

If the terror organizations would lay down their weapons and stop attacking Israelis, then Israel would strive for peace and to help you to build a better nation, better life and we would have a perfect life together, there would be no more barriers and soldiers and incarcerations and  assassinations.


And on the other side, if Israel would send her soldiers home a assure you that there would be the most cruel and painful slaughter that mankind has ever known throughout all of history…


To the Jews I say: Don’t be drawn to your extremists, don’t allow for the hatred and prejudice to seep into you too, when an Arab Muslim sees his friends and Jewish acquaintances yelling in the streets and social networks death to the Arabs and publish degrading pictures and videos then don’t be surprised if , when he gives a like and shows happiness, support and encouragement for your terrorists and murderous acts, don’t be surprised to meet him on the corner throwing stones, because your words and actions strengthen and verify what he was told about you by the same liars, terrorists and extremists.


Here I stop my words and take 2 steps back until I see support from Israeli Arabs, only then will it be possible to continue the fight for peace because as long as it is only the Jews that support me then nothing has changed here and we will continue to march forward together hand in hand to the abyss and the destruction that awaits us in the very near future.


Ali Shaban


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