Feeling proud of myself. My Samsung screen started taking forever to start. Turning the switch on and off would usually help but lately I had to turn on off on off for a long time until it would turn on. It finally died.

Luckily this is a well known phenomena in Samsung screens and it is due to bad capacitors on the power board. A short lesson on line on how to choose better “caps” (higher voltage rating is fine) and then found a local electronics supplier, ordered new caps, cheap soldering iron, solder and flux took apart my screen, removed power board, recognized the bad caps by the swollen top, melted a little solder on the connection points to free the existing caps, inserted 3 new and better caps, put everything back together and miracle of miracles, the screen is fully functioning again. All for about 120 sheckel (about 30$).

Finally made use of that electronics class in high school…

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