Dad’s birth father

I think that I finally had a break-through regarding the identity of Dad’s father. Maurice Moishe Eisenberg has been added by Elan Caspi to the database – I have sent him a note on FB and through the website. Curious to see what this brings. It seems accurate as the Garnet name shows up as child and it seems that he had 2 other children with his second wife – born Tackley… If I can just track one of these down, I should probably get a picture of who what and when – seems like descendants from Galicia – starting to add up. Other family secrets coming to light as well…

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  1. idragonb says:

    Ok, making progress – Contacted Dr David Goldenberg, who apparently gave the information to Elan Caspi in confidence as he received it from Henry Goldenberg (d 2001) in Toronto, as he was researching hereditary disorders. But at least I found Shawn and Penny, the children of Maurice from his second marriage, and I have contacted them on Facebook. Curious to see if they are receptive to communication.

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