Drag and drop data tagging

I have been contemplating ERP systems and have even created a prototype which I unfortunately broke and have not had the focus to fix.

But I think that I have a great system based on drag and drop tagging.

Essentially I need to be able to add a tags that have grouping properties such as:

Location: WH1, WH2, none

Project: Project1, Project2, none


Now whenever I open the “location” page, it will filter the data lists such that there will be a column of unsorted (Location = “none”) and all other available locations as lists or maps. By dragging the list items from their current list to alternative lists, the data will be tagged appropriately (Location = “WH1”).

It seems like such a useful and basic function that I would be very surprised to find that it does not exist already, but in searching the web, I do not immediately find this ability.

It would be very useful to be able to tag items in this drag and drop manner and have a different screen for each of the different fields. I would start at the design level of creating an item name and then drag it to the appropriate project, material etc.

If anyone happens upon this post and then finds the appropriate plug in or online service, leave me a comment, it would be greatly appreciated!

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