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Reporting (26.2.4) 23.6.14

Plan: Learn at MiroWeek: 26Day: 2Quarter day: 4Accomplished: Deviation from plan and reason: Stretched the limits before and afterStart time: 19:30End time: 1:00How I feel: Concepts learned: Food eaten: Apple cake Ice tea Coffee milk and sugar Tasks: Leech Supersal site (try waybackmachine.com)

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Report (26.2.3) 23.6.14

Plan: WorkWeek: 26Day: 2Quarter day: 3Accomplished: scatteredDeviation from plan and reason: goal not clear enoughStart time: 15:30End time: 19:10How I feel: scatteredConcepts learned: Food eaten: buttered fried bananas, yogurt and nuts 50 gm dry pasta in butter cola 1 cupTasks: 

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Reporting (26.2.1) 23.6.14

Plan: LearningWeek: 26Day: 2Quarter day: 1Accomplished: Prayer, Daf Taanit 12Deviation from plan and reason: Woke up at 4:30 but fell back asleep – was very hot and the fan wasn’t turned up enough. Probably tired from the yoga as well. … Continue reading

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